There’s been a lot of back and forth lately on Best Buy and if it’s still a viable business model in the long run or if it’s going to pull a Circuit City. On the one hand, it’s really great to have somewhere you can walk into, shop around, and then leave with whatever piece of new tech you want. Instant gratification is pretty awesome. On the other hand, the lack of good customer service, the massive markups on accessories, and the pressure to upsell negate the advantages to a large degree.

If Amazon were to open showrooms for electronics (which I think would be an awesome idea) I think they’d be able to obliterate Best Buy within a year’s time. Heck, Amazon could partner with Ikea in that regard, it’d be awesome.

I think this comment (by one “sirwired”) sums it up best:

They Just. Don’t. Get. It. We have YET to hear a simple statement from Best Buy re: the Holiday Debacle consisting of something along the lines. “We screwed up. Order fulfillment problems happen, but we should have told them by the beginning of December that we couldn’t ship their orders. Everybody gets a gift card equal to 150% of the discount from whatever we charged before Thanksgiving we failed to provide on the item we failed to ship. The people involved for not informing customers of our problems earlier have been sacked.”

Instead we get a mealy-mouthed press release jam-packed with the passive voice as if some anonymous 3rd-party was responsible for Best Buy’s colossal blunder. Then followed up by something slightly less mealy-mouthed, but STILL not mentioning exactly how they are going to make those customers happy nor admitting that the previous press release was completely tone deaf and inadequate. (And that whomever thought publishing it was an adequate response was going to be sacked.) In addition, the CEO’s “apology” on his blog post STILL uses the passive voice! “We’ve worked to make amends with customers whose holidays were made less happy because of our mistake.” Translation: “Our customers need to cut us some slack… thinking an order in November should arrive by Christmas!” What he should have said: “We’ve worked to make amends with customers whose orders we completely botched, causing their items to never ship.”